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A change needs to be made in the way things are done.

You have identified the change and begin your campaign for the change.

The cause is born.


You will need followers to help you manifest the change.


Expect resistance.

That’s natural.


The old way of telling people what they need to change to doesn’t seem to work anymore.


You might call that approach “pushing”.


We have become resistant to people pushing their message on to us.


It might be more helpful to consider how to create a “pull”.


Describe the vision for your cause.


Describe the challenge.


A few bold souls will step forward.


Further test their resolve by setting them tasks that will further the cause.


Monitor the outcomes from their tasks.


Capture the stories.


Encourage more of that behaviour, amplify the stories and broadcast them.


Start meta conversations – conversations about conversations – that provide commentary about the progress of the cause.


Handle the enquiries that come from the “pull” you have created.


Find something for the new followers to do.


Jim Henderson & Ed Percival

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