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Koh Samui Thailand, 35 degrees, sunny, 75% humidity. New Year’s day.

“I’m on island time. The changes are subtle, but I am slowly purging my system of the frenetic habits of modern life. My movements are slower, my thoughts uncluttered, my goals non-existant. I’m living for today and casting an occassional lazy eye at tomorrow. I’m not the least bit annoyed or anxious”.

Thank you to Mr John Grisham for describing how I feel here kicking back by the pool in beautiful Koh Samui, reading his latest novel.

I’m aware of the sounds of the lapping of the ocean waves, the chatter of the wildlife – cecadas and birds – the smells of sunscreen, jasmine, exotic flowers, the feel of the sun’s warmth and the comfort of the beach towel, a very occassional and welcome gentle breeze.

Amazing how much more information you can take in when your senses become fine tuned when just “being”.

Made me think about how much I might be missing with clients, by not being fully present.

How much more value could I bring to the client if I chose to simply “be” with thoughts uncluterred.

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