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Vision” is one of those words I have come across which could fit in the “totally meaningless words” category – that is, there appears to be 101 different definitions.

Did I mention that I had recently spent 2 weeks on Thailand’s fantastic island of Samui 🙂 One night, our waiter told us his story of how he was from Manila in the Philippines, and how he chose to work on Koh Samui, where he could earn double the wages compared to back home.

He then explained that it will be maybe 2 years before he will travel back to Manila. What makes this even more remarkable is that he has a wife and 4 young daughters living there.

This young man’s “Vision” is for his wife and daughters to have a comfortable, healthier life outside the busy, sultry, smoggy city of Manila. To aspire to this dream, his chosen plan is to work hard to maximise his earnings and give up being able to be with his family for perhaps 2 years.

Daily Skype sessions are a poor compromise. In our western world, this situation is almost incomprehensible – imagine not being able to hug your kids for 2 years.

To me, an aspirational Vision has to “feel” much better than today’s situation.

This young man’s Vision encapsulates a really powerful “Why” – it serves as a reminder to him that when energy is low and what seems like constant barriers are put in his way, there is a sense of perspective, an ability to see the bigger picture which makes the day to day more bareable.

In business conversations, I observe that many personal Visions are more like plans, or stepping stones, short term goals, with no real feeling attached, or real Why.

Time to re-visit my own bigger picture.

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